Domain Trading Game

The latest and perhaps most fun game is "Domain Trading Game". This game is pure fun. It allows anybody to buy and sell Web Sites with the price linked to the success of the site.

"Domain Trading Game" is strictly a one-man, part-time operation, built up in fragments over the last month or so. You start the game with a fictional account. You can use it to purchase sites with prices linked to the weekly audience size for a given site. If the number of views goes up you start to make credits. If it goes down you lose credits. The game features graphs, movers and shakers and top traders. There are now hundreds of active traders, all trying to pick the next hot site.

"Domain Trading Game" can get pretty addictive, especially if you consider yourself a Web "expert." The trick is to try to pick sites that are generating heavier-than-usual traffic and to buy them today rather than tomorrow, to take advantage of their combinded Alexa, Google and Yahoo, growth stats.

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Behind the scenes...

Domain Trading Game is a project started by:

Remco Boom, core-developer.
Paul van de Kamer, frontend developer.